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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I see a gift basket but would prefer some different items?

All our gift baskets are made to order, so we can add or eliminate any products that you prefer.

Why do you ask us to set a budget for gifts up front?

A budget helps us to focus on the right range of items for you to consider. Besides, we have such a vast array of products to suggest, we can usually provide a lovely gift in your price range.

How do you customize a gift for the person who receives it?

We think that it’s quite special to have a gift show that you know something about the recipient. For example, the person may be an avid gardener, a wine enthusiast, a sports buff, a golf zealot, or avid about history or music or reading. We have a variety of products on many topics that indicate to the recipient that you thought of them specifically.

Do you have gifts for specific professions?

We believe that gifts should have as much personality as the people who give or receive them. So we offer items specific to many industries—health, architecture, finance & accounting, real estate, sports, life & business coaching, etc. Just ask. And if we don’t already have something for you, we’ll research ways to provide it.

Can I have my name or our logo or greeting put on the gift? Do I have to order a large quantity to do this?

Many of our suppliers do customized imprinting, laser engraving and etching on their products—even with small or no minimum quantities required.

Are you the same as a promotional products or ad specialties company?

No. That industry provides gifts to advertise the sender. We offer gifts to focus on and acknowledge the recipient. You wouldn’t send an advertisement to someone as a gift, would you? We want the person who gets your gift to feel valued and acknowledged—because that cements your relationship.

What is “relationship marketing”?

“Relationship Marketing”, as marketing analyst Faith Popcorn distinguished is a way to address the increasing disconnect between people in our culture. Technology makes email, voice mail, texting, ”tweeting”, “linking” and “friending” convenient and readily available; however, our feeling of personal connection continues to diminish. It’s not at all unusual for people in business to never directly see or speak with one another.

Relationship marketing aims to create a personal relationship with a potential or new customer, and reinforce a positive connection with current clients. The person receiving the gift feels “seen” and valued. Wanting to matter is a basic human need. Today, Faith Popcorn refers to this as “EGONOMICS.” To offset a depersonalized society, consumers crave recognition of their individuality.

Why should I work with HollyBarry House?

Our customers say they have five reasons for choosing us:

Do I have to order a large quantity?

We have no minimum orders, unless otherwise specified. If you only need one gift, that’s what we send.

Can we come to HollyBarry House and see what you have?

We are an online service agency. We are online only. Clients contact us by email or phone. We determine any specific requests, the budget and the occasion. Then we email photographs, descriptions and pricing for the gift suggestions we have for you: your customized e-catalog. Of course, we welcome the opportunity to visit local companies and present our more popular gifts for consideration.

What payment methods do you accept?

We also accept Visa & MasterCard, which include a convenience fee. Business accounts may be set up and invoiced, paid by company check.

How long before an order ships?

If the merchandise is in stock, we usually ship within 48 hours. If we are special- ordering products, we will provide an estimated shipping date and keep you informed about the schedule. During the holiday season from November 15-December 31, turnaround time can be longer. If you wish something delivered during this time, we suggest ordering early and locking in your shipping date.

Any Questions?

Email or contact us with your budget and the occasion and we'll make gift suggestions to meet your needs.

Or phone us at:

800.From.HBH (376.6424)

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