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Many Eco-Focused Products

"Green"s not just a color. It's a mindset and a commitment. For those companies and individuals who share that commitment, we provide beautiful gift options consistent with it. From recycled glass, metals & other objects to sustainable materials such as bamboo, We can provide desirable gifts in keeping with environmental concerns.


Because many of our clients have a commitment to the environment, or “green initiative”, we’ve developed resources for giftware that reflect that commitment and are created from recycled or sustainable materials.

Sampling of Available Products

Bamboo Cutting Board & Cheese Tool Set

Bamboo is possibly the most versatile of sustainable materials. Bamboo Serveware can include bowls and trays, as well as this popular Bamboo Cutting Board & Cheese Tool Set that opens up to reveal four forged stainless steel cheese tools, a stainless cheese wire and cheese plate.

$50.00 Can be laser engraved at an additional cost with a minimum of (12) units.

Bamboo Cutting Board & Cheese Tool Set

Root Wood Vases & Urns

These items are carved from a species of Chinese fir.  The raw materials come from stumps left by logging operations, the removal of which allows for faster reforestation. After careful cleaning & grading, each knarled stump is then transformed by skilled carvers into many gorgeous and unique items. Products shown are 10" , 12" and 14" High.  For live floral arrangements a glass insert is recommended.  Root wood bowls and trays are also available.  Contact us for details.

Items shown $50.00-$75.00

Recycled Paper Bouquet Vase

Square Recycled Glass Plate

Made from recycled glass, this 11" square plate can be used for serving as well as decoration (see our Holiday page). Available in clear, smoke, as well as metallic gold, silver, red or chartreuse.

$12.00-$20.00 (based on color)

Recycled Paper Bouquet Vase

Gemstone Soaps

Gemstone bath soaps are a unique blend of whole herbal extracts, vitamins & minerals from aquatic, botanical and terrestrial sources that come in a biodegradable base. These treasures are endowed with extracts of earth:  aloe, calendula, camomile, comfrey, lavender, vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil and almond oil. No animal products are used. No testing is done on humans.


Recycled Paper Bouquet Vase

Bamboo Baby Blankets

Bamboo is possibly the most versatile of sustainable materials. We can provide you with super soft Bamboo Baby Blankets for that super soft little one.


Bamboo Baby Bllankets

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Other Eco-Focused products

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"I have worked with (HBH) several times to find gifts that say' Thank You', 'You're someone special' or 'I value what you contribute'.  The ideas and recommendations always seem to reflect knowing me, my values and how I want to express myself. Ultimately, my choices of gifts make me happy (because of their wonderful aesthetics and value) and delight those I gift. ..The gift recipients recognize that they have been seen & appreciated. Relationships deepen and possibilities expand... Thanks!!"

—Executive Coach & Management Consultant

"...Yet another satisfied client.  Thanks for doing a great job!"

--Owner, Solar Services

We've been delighted with each unique creation… and the commitment to providing exceptional service is a customer's dream!

—Assistant VP of Marketing,


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