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Many Chicago Gift choices...

We have many options for the perfect Chicago gift that matches your occasion & budget. For a Chicago visitor, or a former Chicagoan, we can create a Chicago gift basket or provide music, books & other gifts as Chicago mementoes. Only a sampling is shown. Contact us for more ideas.


We can provide food items, giftware, gift baskets, and even souvenirs that meet specific needs and budgets. Whether a gift is meant to welcome a business visitor or event attendee, thank a featured speaker, acknowledge a sponsor or volunteer, we have what you’re looking for. We can also suggest gifts to reflect specific industries, professions or event themes.

Sampling of Available Products

What Happened Here Chicago? 

Knowledge Cards

Learn the history, trivia and educational facts behind many Chicago locales. Compiled by the Chicago Historical Society, this is an intellectually satisfying deck as well as an entertaining one. Size: 3.25" x 4".


What Happened Here? Chicago Knowledge Cards

Chicago-Themed Mugs, Tray and Frames

Chicago-themed mugs, tray and frames are available in varied designs and materials. Perfect for welcoming visiting out-of-towners, sending to away-from-home Chicagoans, taken as a token to hosts in other locales or commemorating a conference or event.

$5.00 and up

Chicago-Themed Mugs, Tray and Frames

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We can create Chicago-design gift baskets. See examples of our baskets at our Gourmet Gifts page. more ➤

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"Just wanted to let you know that the Chicago gifts you helped me pick out were a hit! Everyone loved them! Thank you again for everything!"

—Program Specialist,

We've been delighted with each unique creation… and the commitment to providing exceptional service is a customer's dream!

—Assistant VP of Marketing,

My client in Los Angeles received the gift basket yesterday.  He described it as first class, great presentation.  Needless to say, it reflected on me very well.

—Newstalk 89, WLS Chicago

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Email or contact us with your budget and the occasion and we'll make gift suggestions to meet your needs.

Or phone us at:

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